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Security is our Priority.

Information regarding our security and technology

You can be assured that our software is safe and secure, using the latest security and encryption technologies. Our software is protected by military grade 256 bit SSL security encryption – the same level encryption used by major banks. All transactions are processed, transmitted and store securely on a PCI Compliant network where all your data is securely encrypted. We utilize SSAE-16 certified locations with specialization in security and PCI compliance. Our PCI Compliance is certified through ControlScan, a the leader in online security, and a pdf certification can be provided upon request. Our server and software are equipped with industry leading techniques to detect, block and diffuse attempts by spammers, hackers and bots to interfere with our system. We also have a global monitoring system that monitors our uptime round the clock and gives us up to the second details on server metrics, performance and speed.

Physical and On-Site Security

Our state of the art servers are managed by industry leaders with unrivaled security. With a 10 foot razor fence, keycarded entry, and a security system that includes redundant security camera servers, biometric handprint scanning, and trained security guards, our data centers are the safest in the country. The facilities and their physical security systems were designed together to provide extremely hardened, state-of-the-art, secure facilities. From well defined perimeters consisting of signage, blast walls and gates, to clear avenues of approach and backup perimeter barriers, the first layer of physical security is considerable. Exterior walls are constructed of either steel reinforced poured concrete or masonry reinforced beyond building code requirements. Entry points are kept to a minimum and each exterior door is reinforced, alarmed, access controlled and viewed by a dedicated fixed camera.

Our Backup System

Your data is very important to us. We have built a sophisticated backup system to run alongside our live servers to make sure every piece of data in our system is backed up every 15 minutes. As our system captures real time data, we setup database replication servers dedicated just for making backups. With replication, all changes to a database is replicated to one or more redundant servers. Typically, replication is used for distributing requests, but it’s also excellent for making frequent redundant backups.