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Did you know that over 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress – that’s about 18.9% of all websites. Even more astounding may be that 6 new posts are made every second (source).

Now, anyone with a WordPress website or blog can create a custom events listing page and sell tickets with the Ticket Embassy WordPress plugin for events.

Feature your upcoming events

Use the Ticket Embassy plugin to display a list of your upcoming Ticket Embassy events on your WordPress website or post. An events listing page is especially useful for venues and event organisers that are running multiple events a month.

Sell tickets with WordPress

Embed our ticket purchasing widget and sell tickets with your WordPress site or blog. The widget will allow buyers to begin their registration in WordPress before being transferred to your Ticket Embassy event page to complete the transaction.

Need help getting setup on Ticket Embassy and WordPress? We’ve got you covered with this full tutorial.